How Elevators Work

This article from HowStuffWorks explains how elevator systems work:

In the 1800s, new iron and steel production processes revolutionized the world of construction. With sturdy metal beams as their building blocks, architects and engineers could erect monumental skyscrapers hundreds of feet in the air.

But these towers would have been basically unusable if it weren’t for another technological innovation that came along around the same time. Modern elevators are the crucial element that makes it practical to live and work dozens of stories above ground. High-rise cities like New York absolutely depend on elevators. Even in smaller multi-story buildings, elevators are essential for making offices and apartments accessible to handicapped people. — Read More

Elevators – Past, Present and Future

Associated Elevator’s Brad McClay in Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine:

Elevators are a common aspect of many buildings today, and often taken for granted. They date back hundreds of years and their development has followed a fascinating path. Read More

Omnidirectional Elevators

Effectively using the same magnetic levitation technologies employed in high-speed trains, the MULTI elevator system conveys people horizontally as well as vertically without ropes and at record speeds, all while allowing multiple cars to traverse the same shafts. via Web Urbanist

State audit cites backlog in MA elevator inspections

A recent audit shows one third of MA elevators had expired inspection certificates.

State audit cites backlog in elevator inspections

More than one third of the registered elevators in Massachusetts — 14,211 in all — had expired inspection certificates in 2012, according to findings released by the office of state Auditor Suzanne M. Bump on Tuesday.

Bump’s office said in a statement that an audit of inspections statewide showed 25,250 elevators, or about 64 percent of the 39,461 registered, had valid certificates as of October 2012. More than 1,700 certificates had been expired for more than four years, auditors found.
via – State audit cites backlog in elevator inspections

Elevator Podcast & Dirty Jobs

Going Up: Elevators

Elevators are way more interesting than you might think. In this week’s episode, Chuck and Josh board the lift to enlighten everyone as to the ins and outs, and ups and downs, of these handy people movers.- via Going Up: Elevators [Podcast]

Dirty Jobs: Elevator Repairman

Urine, rat poison, credit cards, personal-hygiene items … Mike Rowe finds all KINDS of awesome stuff cleaning out an New York elevator pit. – via Dirty Jobs Elevator Repairman [Video]

12 elevators you need to see to believe

(Budget Travel) CNN – Usually, a ride on an elevator involves pushing a button and zoning out until the ding for your floor. Pay attention on these lifts, though, or risk missing out on one of the most thrilling rides of your life (even if it only lasts 30 seconds). (Read More)

Annual elevator safety inspections – Applying for your inspection

Commercial elevators, residential elevators, dumbwaiters and wheelchair lifts (units), just to name a few, are all subject to annual safety tests by the Department of Public Safety. The process is complex and can be confusing for owners. Failure to submit permit fees in a timely manner results in expensive fines that add up quickly. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable elevator maintenance company that will keep you well informed. (Read More)