You probably never notice your elevator unless you have to climb the stairs because it’s not working.

In an emergency situation, you want to know that help is on the way! That’s why we have over 30 licensed elevator mechanics geographically located throughout Massachusetts to respond to your calls. Call Us Now ► (800) 828-5151

At Associated Elevator, we recognize that a smoothly functioning, always-available elevator is integral to the daily operations of your building. With over forty years of experience servicing, installing, and modernizing elevators, we take pride in making sure your elevator investment is protected and performing optimally at all times.

To ensure your elevators are running smoothly, Associated only installs non-proprietary equipment from the most reputable manufacturers. We’ll extend the life of your elevator through careful preventative maintenance and when the time comes, we’ll guide you through the modernization process.

Associated Elevator is the smart choice for comprehensive elevator service. We’re available around the clock, every day.

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